LNA University Subscription Packages

LNA University provides a continuous bank of resources to train and motivate individuals, employers and sales teams to produce better results. Though your subscription, you’ll get unlimited access to all current content, videos and workbooks as well as new content uploaded each month.

Pricing Options

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Package 1 – $500

Includes a  2-hour consultation followed by the development of a detailed business plan.
(5 hours total)


Includes a 4-hour consultation 
financial analysis of your business 
development of a detailed business plan.
(10 hours total)

Check Point Package

$100 weekly or monthly consultation to review where you are on your goals and to modify any aspects of your business plan. 

This helps keep you in track and motivated to succeed.

We also offer:

  • Project management and long term consulting projects. (quoted based on scope of work)

  • Coaching packages available starting at $500 initial consultation and planning session plus $250 per/month. (will be customized to your needs)

  • Speaking engagements start at $1,000 plus travel expenses.